Most professionals enjoy social events and networking. They are always looking for their next social or networking event. The Active Social Planner is a tool that helps professionals “Moonlight… as a Socialites”TM.

What does “moonlight as a socialite”TM mean? Moonlight as a socialite is a slogan created by the owner of Socialized Events, which means you are not a socialite but you enjoy events and the social experience.

To access the Social Planner, you must create an account.

All subscribers must create an account, so they can begin to plan their social life and see how to “Moonlight… as a Socialite”.

All promoters and event coordinators to submit their request to our active Social Planner. All events submitted will be reviewed within 48 hours. The event will be posted if it meets the “Moonlight… as a Socialite”TM criteria.

What is the “moonlight as a socialite”TM criteria?

The Social Planner focuses on global niche events that have a minimum of 2,500 attendees or more. If an event, is under 2,500 attendees, it must be considered as a strategic niched event or unique event. The Socialized Event Team will determine what is considered as a strategic niched event or unique event.

The criteria consist of questions that would identify the type of social or networking events that the average professional would like to attend. Galas, Awards, Festivals, Summits, and National Conferences are example of events that would be listed on the Social Planner.


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