Socialized Events offers a wide scope of areas in event planning and consulting along with an active social calendar for individuals that would like to plan their social life.

Our mission is provide our clients with impeccable service across the spectrum of event planning and assist you with promoting events that many people would enjoy.

Whether we are designing a private party or a fundraiser we strive to create an experience that is memorable, meaningful and engaging for you and your guests and we would be delighted to help with yours. Our Consulting Group provides a scope of services to organizations interested in not just improving the overall customer experience in all areas of hospitality, but interested in creating the experience that helps define and distinguish your brand. We are unique in that we blend multiple touch points, of all five senses, into one singular positive sensation and lasting memory that is designed to support and elevate your brand.

Whatever your event may be, our event coordinators can ease the planning process. We offer consultation and our services throughout the United States and abroad. We can assist with the planning, coordinating, and organization process such as menu items, location/site selections, decor, logistics, and vendors.


Most professionals enjoy social events and networking. They are always looking for their next social or networking event. The Active Social Planner is a tool that helps professionals “moonlight as socialites”TM.

What does “moonlight as a socialite”TM mean? Moonlight as a socialite is a slogan created by the owner of Socialized Events, which means you are not a socialite but you enjoy events and the social experience.

In order to access the Social Planner, you must create an account. We asked for all promoters and event coordinators to submit to our Active Social Planner so “moonlight socialites” can begin to plan their social calendars.  All events submitted will be reviewed within 48 hours. The event will be posted if it meets the “moonlight as a socialite”TM criteria.

What is the “moonlight as a socialite”TM criteria? The criteria consist of questions that would identify the type of social or networking events that the average professional would like to attend. Galas, Awards, and National Conferences are example of events that would be listed on the Social Planner.

Our Instagram page is @SocializedEvents and Twitter page is @SocializedEvent. When you’re attending an event that is posted on the Social Planner, be sure to let us know where the event is being held and always hashtag #imoonlightasasocialiteTM.