Socialized Events FAQs

WHAT IS AN EVENT?An event is a planned occasion, activity, and/or a social gathering. It is also associated with a theme or something of importance.

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1. How can I submit my event? You can submit your event 2 ways. Go to the Contact Me tab and at the bottom of the page click on Submit My Event. You also can find the Submit My Event tab under Contact Me.

2.What does “moonlight as a socialite”TM mean? Moonlight as a socialite is a slogan created by the owner of Socialized Events, which means you are not a socialite but you enjoy events and the social experience..

3.What is the Social Planner? Most professionals may not always want to go to a bar or club but they do enjoy social events and networking. They are always looking for their next social or networking event. The Active Social Planner is a tool that helps professionals “moonlight as a socialite.”

4.What type of events are posted on the Social Planner? All national and international events are posted on the site such as the following: Popular Sports Events, Major Concerts or Music Festivals, Workshops, Fraternity and Sorority events, Networking and Professional Conferences, Galas, Awards, Balls, Exclusive Parties, Trips, and other Popular Social Events. Socialized Events does not promote consistent club parties. However, we do promote events that are held at clubs.

5.What is the “moonlight as a socialite”TM criteria? The criteria consist of questions that would identify the type of social or networking events that the average professional would like to attend.

6.How can I view the Social Planner? In order to access the Social Planner, you must create an account.

7.Is there a cost to view the Social Planner? Yes. There is a $5 $2.99 monthly AutoPay via PayPal or a $10 $4.99 monthly payment via PayPal.

8. I submitted a request to post my event but it has not posted. When will it post? All events submitted will be reviewed within 48 hours. The event will be posted if it meets the “moonlight as a socialite” criteria.

9. How far out on the calendar are events posted? Socialized Events will post events and Save the Dates as far out as possible.

10. Can I add the event on the Social Planner to my calendar? Yes, all events can be added or updated to your own personal calendar.